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We recommend to trade members to belong to the GMB Union to protect yourself... as your licence is your livelyhood. If you find yourself with issues regarding your licence the GMB Union may be able to assist you.

Please click here online. Or download the membership form here

Please note that a time period of membership will have to be attained before the GMB can assist.

The GMB cannot help retrospectfully on any issues that have already occured.

Your GMB membership will give you advice via the the UnionLine on a range of issues.

If you are arrested a solicitor will immediately be appointed for you.

The Brighton & Hove Taxi News is run in conjunction with the GMB Brighton & Hove Taxi section which provides the trade with local, national and international taxi trade news via regular NewsMails.

Our mailing comprises of over 400 subscribers in the trade and other interested parties.

We aim to keep the local trade with up to date with various issues and matters including Minutes and Agenda's from the six weekly Trade Forum meetings that we attend along with other trade reps

We are the only centralised trade information hub in the city to provide this  free service for the trade and we now have a Facebook page.

Subscribing to our NewsMails costs absolutely nothing and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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